Fear the Living.
Fight the Dead.

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You didn’t wanna be there. That’s why I tried to talk to you.

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3x06 // 5x01

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We’re just about an hour away from the new episode on the East Coast and I am so excited!  Sundays are so blah and Sunday nights are so depressing but now with Walking Dead to look forward to it’s one of my favorite nights of the week!  

Anyway, as always I wanted to give a little PSA on the subject of spoilers. I’ll be tagging my spoilers with a few tags if you want to blacklist them: TWD spoilers, 5x02, as well as the name of the episode, so for this week: Strangers 

Message me and let’s talk about the episode! My boyfriend is working late so I can’t text him spoilers, so I need you guys! :P

Anonymous → I followed you for your name. It's great. That and the Walking Dead. <3

Aaaahhh, thank you so much for following and for the writing meeee!  I’m glad you like the name and I hope you’re loving this season so far!  New episode tonight! ~<3

5x01 No Sanctuary

I won’t have you there.

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